Ruin to visit Vieux-Windstein Castle

Neighbouring New-Windstein, this ruin, located at an altitude of 340 m in the middle of the forest, is a fine example of a semi-troglodyte castle, characteristic of the Northern Vosges.


Built by the imperial dynasty of Hohenstaufen at the end of the 1100s to protect the road leading to Haguenau, it was strongly affected by the attacks of Strasbourg inhabitants in 1332, then definitively destroyed in 1676 by French troops, on the orders of Louis XIV.


Upon the death of Pierre de Windstein, when there was no longer any imperial authority in the region, the castle became a location for brigands, like so many other fortresses at the same time. The bourgeoisie of Strasbourg were favoured targets. At their request, the bishop of the city sent his troops to throw out the rebels in 1332.

Key points

The very varied range of its underground tunnels — some of which bear witness to the mines dug during the siege of 1332 — the beauty of its natural environment and the closeness of Nouveau-Windstein Castle, which can be visited on the same trip.

Practical informations


Rue du Mattenthal
67110 Windstein

After parking your vehicle at the parking area near Windstein’s Town Hall, head up towards the ‘Auberge des Deux Châteaux’. Then, take the path on the right (red rectangle) following the signs for Vieux-Windstein on the Alsace Fortified Castles’ Trail.
Walk time from car park
30 min
Nearest tourism office
Office de tourisme de Niederbronn et sa région.
6, place de l’Hôtel de Ville - 67110 Niederbronn-les-Bains
03 88 80 89 70 - - Facebook @niederbronn

GPS coordinates
Lat.: 48.99885247 - Long.: 7.68186808
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