Ruin to visit Freudeneck Castle

In the middle of the forest, secured to its rock rising to an altitude of 390 m, this ruin neighbouring Wangenbourg Castle overlooks the Mossig Valley.


Around 1320, a man called Wernlin de Froideneck is cited as the ‘Burgmann’, guardian of the castle which dates from the 13th century. He probably controlled the forest areas and the roads leading to Andlau Abbey. He entrusted it in fief to the Von der Dickes, then to the Von Wildsbergs. At the beginning of the 15th century, Hans Von Wildsberg opposed the city of Strasbourg which besieged and set fire to the Freudeneck in 1408.


During the siege of his castle, Hans Von Wildsberg had, in a cowardly way, taken refuge in Saverne, leaving the site under the guard of two soldiers, four peasants and three women. The fifty mercenaries in the pay of the city of Strasbourg soon took the fortress, leaving only ruin and desolation behind them.

Key points

In the centre of the building, its robust keep displays beautiful bossed stones and is surrounded by a pentagonal-shaped structure.

Practical informations


67710 Wangenbourg Engenthal

Park your car in the centre of the hamlet of Freudeneck. Follow the castle path then the marked path which leads to the castle.
Walk time from car park
10 min
Nearest tourism office
Office de tourisme La Suisse d'Alsace
Conservation association
Scoutisme, Nature et Patrimoine -
GPS coordinates
Lat.: 48.62550509 - Long.: 7.32735353


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