Fortified city Turckheim

Jewels of the Alsace Wine Route, opening onto the Fecht valley below Munster, Turckheim stands out with the richness of its history and its vineyard.


A note dating from the 9th century recalls Thorencohaime, but Turckheim made history only in the 14th century, when the Germanic emperor raised it to the rank of city and authorised to build fortifications. It joined the free Alsatian cities of the Decapolis and had the protection of the Count Palatine (count of the palace). Already prosperous in the 16th century, the city experienced a new boom during ‘French peace’ after the famous victory of Marshal de Turenne in 1675.


The inhabitants of half-timbered houses feared fire like the plague because the slightest fire can ravage an entire city. In Turckheim, it was the night watchman who provided night-time security and he shouted to the villagers who closed their shutters: “Han sori zu Fir und Liacht” recommending they took care to put out the hearth and the candle.

Key points

Even today, on beautiful summer nights, you may come across the watchman doing his rounds and revealing the secrets of his town, starting with the towers of the Porte de France (France Gate), the Porte du Brand (Brand Gate), the guardhouse, the town hall and the Hôtel des Deux Clefs.

Practical informations


6 rue du Conseil
68230 Turckheim

Nearest tourism office
Bureau d'Information Touristique de Turckheim
Rue Wickram - Corps de garde - 68230 Turckheim
03 89 27 38 44 - - Facebook
GPS coordinates
Lat.: 48.08771200 - Long.: 7.27831364
  • Road accessible by bus



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