Fortified Castle Discovery Days

Bring the fortified castles of Alsace back to life in the company of their volunteer friends.

Do you too want to feel the ancient stone or the surrounding vegetation? So, join in with the ongoing restoration work for a “Discovery Day” with the volunteers.

On the Discovery Days programme, depending on the location you choose, such as: excavations, masonry, ground clearance etc., it’s all great fun. No need for special skills or knowledge. Your motivation will suffice!

They are there throughout the year, volunteers from the twenty safeguarding associations and partners of the Association Châteaux Forts Vivants (Living Fortified Castles’ Association). They protect, restore, enhance and enliven these fortresses, sentinels and other stone giants, witnesses of Alsace’s castle history. Their objective? Revive them, get to know them and look after as many of them as possible.

Please note, the meetings take place in thirteen fortified castles in Alsace only.