Ruine à visiter Kayserberg Castle

Its robust cylindrical keep erected in the vineyard of the illustrious city of Kayserberg, overlooks the Weiss Valley and the Col du Bonhomme, a necessary route to take between Haute Alsace and Lorraine.


Built in the 13th century, the fortress was a property of the Holy Roman Empire. A strategic stronghold on the road crossing the Vosges, the castle, fortified by the great imperial bailiff, could not withstand Duke of Lorraine’s armies in 1248. Property of the Habsburgs in 1326, the castle was united with the imperial city of Kaysersberg in the 14th century, then destroyed by the Alsatian peasants’ uprising in 1525.


Emperor Frédéric Barberousse is said to have hidden a fabulous treasure in the castle. In 1864, the bourgeoisie of Kaysersberg, caught up by gold fever, carried out unregulated excavations and damaged the ruin considerably.

Key points

Its 15th-century barbican, its massive keep offering a wonderful view over the town of Kaysersberg — favourite village of the French, whose wonders can be reached within a few minutes' walk.

Practical informations


68240 Kaysersberg Vignoble

A marked path leaves the town centre at the car park located opposite the town hall. By walking alongside the ramparts, you can easily access the castle.
Walk time from car park
30 min
Nearest tourism office
Office de tourisme Vallée de Kayserberg
39 rue du Général de Gaulle, Kaysersberg
03 89 78 22 78 - - Facebook
GPS coordinates
Lat.: 48.14038948 - Long.: 7.26245642


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