1. Choice and preparation of your itinerary

Are you planning a hike with a group, with the family, with children? Is it a walk to explore the nature, the landscape and the heritage? Is it for a half day, full day, or more? (never go hiking alone)

  • Consulting maps, guides or hiking sites
  • Choose a slope that is acceptable for all
  • Preparing the itinerary including breaks: where? when?
  • Good to know: 4 km / h on the flat at the most
  • Check the weather forecast

2. Equipment

  • Clothes appropriate for the season and conditions (cold, hot, humid etc.)
  • Hiking shoes suitable for the terrain (even for children!)
  • Telescopic walking poles (useful for stability and to relieve joints)
  • Mobile phone and spare battery if needed
  • Walking map 1/25 000 essential (if in doubt, do not hesitate to retrace your steps)


  • Compass and/or hiking navigation GPS
  • Camera or binoculars
  • Headtorch or flashlight if you plan to return late

In the rucksack

Each person should have their own rucksack: 20 litres for the half day, about 30 litres for the day, but no more than 10-15% of the carrier’s weight

Provide protection against rain (cape, umbrella etc.), cold (fleece, hat, gloves, lip protection etc.), sun (sunscreen, hat, etc.)

Provisions (water, fruit juice, dried fruits and cereal bars, bananas and other fruits, picnic)


  • knife, spoon, fork, plate, mug, preferably reusable!
  • Rubbish bag (to bring back your waste!)
  • Tissues, toilet paper
  • First aid kit (dressings, disinfectant, arnica cream)
  • Survival blanket

3. An accident: how to manage?

In a group, protect and secure group members

Notify the emergency services: describe the problem and locate the incident

Emergency Medical Service (France - SAMU): 15

Firefighters: 18

4. Hiking with children

Equip the child ‘as you would a grown-up’ with: a proper rucksack, proper hiking boots, his/her own bottle, flashlight, camera, binoculars, etc.

Suggest: “Now, we’re following the red triangle, you’re doing the guiding! ”

Encourage exploration etc.: “In ten minutes, we will arrive at a place where you can climb up into the castle keep and see the Lilliputian village from the top of your tower” … “What is the name of this flower, this tree?” ”

5. Visit a fortified castle

As imposing as these age-old sentries are, they are no less fragile and can pose a real danger if you are not careful during your visit! To explore in safety, do not climb the walls, move stones, approach any void, and watch your children carefully. Current legislation prohibits bivouacs and campfires, and may we remind you that hiking is undertaken at your own risk.

6. A castle a day… and more if you wish!

With some exceptions, it is generally estimated that one day = one castle, taking into account the mountain configuration and the route taken to reach it. That is why, on this site, you will mainly find trips around one or two castles for the day or half day.

If by chance you have more time, and if your physical fitness allows, do not hesitate to contact us (what email address?) or go to  www.chateauxfortsalsace.com/fr/etape_type/chemin-des-chateaux-alsace/ to see the stages of the Alsace Fortified Castles’ Trail. Plan 3 to 4 weeks if you want to cover the entire 450 km from Wissembourg to Thann!

7. Respect nature

It may be worth a reminder that you are travelling through a natural environment, as precious as it is fragile.

Adopting the right habits means ensuring that the next generations will also benefit ...

So to all our mountain enthusiasts, in order to ensure that you continue to enjoy these landscapes for a long time to come, a few rules apply. May we remind you of them here, even though many of you have practiced them for a long time:

  • Stay on marked trails to prevent erosion
  • Respect other trail users
  • Please refrain from picking wildflowers and plants, which may be rare and protected
  • Observe the animals, but do not disturb them (keep your dog on a lead)
  • Listen to nature, but do not disturb its peace
  • Do not smoke in the forest, and do not light any fires

8. Contact

Club Vosgien : www.club-vosgien.eu

The club’s many volunteers work hard to mark out and maintain more than 20,000 km of trails

Their motto “1 trail a day, 8 days of good health”

Edite hiking guides and maps: www.club-vosgien.eu/boutique/